About Us

Acorn Petroleum Plc. is a Nigerian registered oil and gas company. Established in 1981, our business today includes trading in refined petroleum products in and out of Nigeria, distribution of refined products through our chain of Acorn branded retail outlets, aviation fueling business and storage and terminal operations.


Our Vision

To be a leader in the energy sector, passionately committed to delivering innovative solutions with integrity to stakeholders, through dynamic processes and motivated people


Our Mission

We are an organisation with an eye on the future. Our mastery of the environment, passion of our people, the soundness of our processes and the fairness of our practices work together to stay competitive and deliver superior value to our stakeholders.


Our Brand

The acorn brand is the new spirit of its people. It bespeaks upward mobility, strength and continuity. The upward ‘A’, which also signifies and ‘arrow’, is contained by a circle which reflects continuity in an infinite pattern.

The name ‘Acorn’ is creatively presented using a seed-like font as a start.

This signifies our drive to adopt an Acorn-like approach in our business directions, planting business seeds that will ensure significant growth in the years to come.